Welcome to the Junior Mathematics Competition!

2018 is the 33rd year of this highly successful Competition.

This mathematics competition is for students in years 9 to 11 (forms 3 to 5), although younger students may also take part. Every student throughout New Zealand sits the competition on exactly the same day, usually a Wednesday in late March or early April.

The competition lasts for one hour and in this time students answer up to six questions. The emphasis is on problem solving, so expect surprises!

Mathematical skills are important, but so is careful reading. Students who read the questions carefully and work out exactly what is being asked generally do better than those who jump in and write down the first thing that springs to mind.

Although the same questions are asked for each year level, students only compete against students at the same level as themselves. (However students in years 7 or 8 are regarded as being in year 9 for the purposes of the competition.)

Full details of the competition may be found here, with a note on who can enter here.

Note: This competition should not be confused with Problem Challenge, which is run by a separate unit within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Otago. For Problem Challenge enquires please contact the Problem Challenge organisers directly.

In 2018 the competition will be held on Wednesday April 3. Please note this date down. If you have questions about our selected date please contact us as soon as possible.


Sunday August 5 2018: The Top 30 results for Year 9 have been put on the results page. We hope to release the Top 30 results for the other two year levels next weekend, at which point preliminary results will be sent to schools to allow checking of names for certificates.
Monday April 9, 2018: We have now sold out our stock of the "Ten of the Best" book. Since we are planning a new book that will release in the second half of this year, there will be no further reprints.
Monday March 26, 2018: We believe that we have sent competition material to all schools which entered this year's competition up to and including this date. All school mathematical contacts who believe their school has not received the materials should contact the organisers urgently.
Tuesday March 6, 2018: Due to a bug in our code, attempts to upload names via our website from before this morning may not have worked. If you attempted to upload names before now, please try again. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
Monday March 5, 2018: Everyone can now upload their names via our website after logging in. This is not mandatory but it is recommended that you try and supply names in this way.
Friday March 2, 2018: The University's Credit Card gateway will be down for maintenance on Sunday the 4rd of March between 9am and 11am. We recommend that you should not place entries in the competition nor order books via our website during this time. For further information please visit this page.
Monday February 26, 2018: We're nearly ready for schools to upload names via our website. If you'd like to try it out before we make it widely available, please contact us.
Tuesday September 26, 2017: Due to a bug while testing our email system, a few schools were accidentally emailed with another invitation to enter this year's competition (which, of course, has already been and gone). Our apologies for those affected; the email can be safely ignored.
Thursday September 4, 2017: We have now sent final results via email to all schools. Printed certificates and prizes (where relevant) should be couriered out by next week at the latest.
The 2017 questions and model solutions are now available on the Previous Questions page, while the 2017 report is available on the Results page.
Thursday July 6, 2017: Principal marking has been completed, and a second round of marking checking the top 15 to 20 percent of papers is under way. Note that this year’s competition was easy compared to previous years, so it may take a little longer to sort out the top papers than usual. We still hope to result preliminary results in August.
Monday May 8, 2017: Marking continues. The general feeling is the competition is quite easy this year. While you wait for results (a wee way off yet), feel free to read about the organisers here.
Monday January 30, 2017:An electronic calendar (in iCal format) containing key dates for this year’s competition is now available here.
Wednesday August 17, 2016:The solutions for this year’s competition are now available. This year’s report is also available.
Monday July 25, 2016:Principal marking has now been completed. Check marking continues; we hope to have the Top 30 results for Year 9 ready this coming weekend!
Monday June 13, 2016:We’ve added an interactive map to the website, detailing the schools that entered this year, and in previous years (the earliest currently available is 2010). Visit our map page and start exploring!
Monday May 30, 2016:This year’s questions are now available here. We hope to put the answers up soon.