Welcome to the Junior Mathematics Competition!

This year the competition will be held in two parts - the first being a multiple-choice and short answer exam sat entirely online, while the second part will be a paper exam limited to the top 15 percent of participants in the first part.

The first part of the competition will be sat on Wednesday April 14, while the second part will be held on Wednesday May 12.

2021 is the 36th year of this highly successful Competition.

This mathematics competition is for students in years 9 to 11 (forms 3 to 5), although younger students may also take part. Every student throughout New Zealand sits the competition on exactly the same days, usually two Wednesdays in April in May (one for each part).

The competition lasts for one hour per part (so two hours in total). The emphasis is on problem solving, so expect surprises!

Mathematical skills are important, but so is careful reading. Students who read the questions carefully and work out exactly what is being asked generally do better than those who jump in and write down the first thing that springs to mind.

Although many of the same questions are asked for each year level, students only compete against students at the same level as themselves. (However students in years 7 or 8 are regarded as being in year 9 for the purposes of the competition.)

Full details of the competition may be found here, with a note on who can enter here.

Note: This competition should not be confused with Problem Challenge, which is run by a separate unit within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Otago. For Problem Challenge enquires please contact the Problem Challenge organisers directly.


Thursday September 23 2021 Sorry to disappoint schools waiting for physical prize packs, but it looks like we won't be able to send them out until Monday next week.
Friday September 17 2021Final results have now been emailed to all schools. We will send out physical prize packs to schools starting next week. Update: in a few cases certificates may be incorrect. We have fixed the issue. If your certificates are incorrect you can login to our website and click "Download your certificates" to the right of your school information.
Thursday September 16 2021We haven't quite got everything in order to send out results to all schools automatically. Schools that have previously emailed us about results will get emails today with their results. We hope to send out all results tomorrow afternoon, but if you'd like to get your results sooner than that please contact us. Note: the Top 30 results for each year level have been announced on the results page.
Tuesday September 14 2021Results will be released to schools this coming Thursday. Once again, our apologies for the delay.
Tuesday August 17 2021Due to circumstances beyond our control we do not have any final results for you just yet. We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause some schools. Schools that participated in only the first part of the competition may download their certificates by logging into the website and visiting their competition day dashboard. When we have more positive news regarding final results we will post an update on this website and contact schools via email. Note that for technical reasons results will not be emailed out this year - schools will have to login to download results and certificates.
Monday April 19 2021Schools may now find out which of their students will be invited to attempt the second part of the competition by score alone by logging in and visiting their dashboard. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list by any means, and other students will be invited to participate. Full lists of who will be invited to participate in the second part will be emailed to schools at the end of the first week of Term 2.
Friday March 19 2021We will now allow schools to finish the first part of the competition at 4.30pm (so tests can start no later than 3.30pm). As such, the final period of time that participants can sit the first part of the competition is 7am to 4.30pm on Wednesday April 14 (and the same periods of time for the next two days).
Friday February 26 2021We now have a poster schools can use to advertise this year's competition to their students.
Friday February 26 2021We've now extended the start and end times for the first part of the competition. Students may sit the competition from 7am on Wednesday April 14, and students have until 3.15pm to start sitting the competition (for a 4.15pm finish, although we recommend finishing by 4pm).
Friday August 7 2020 Next year's competition will have a different format. It will be held in two stages in April and May. The first stage will be online, and the second stage will have the same structure as this year's competition, but will only be open to the top 15% of competitors of the first stage. More details are in this year's school report, which you may download on the results page.
Tuesday June 9 2020 It is now too late to submit papers to us for marking, even if you sat the competition on the 13th of May. (Physical papers still en route posted in May will still be marked.) This year's questions are now available here.
Friday November 29 2019 As of today the "introductory" price of $25 per copy for "We Have a Problem" has expired. The regular price of $30 now applies. Orders already made at $25 before today that have yet to be shipped are unaffected. Please note that stock has temporarily been exhausted so there will be a slight delay in shipping before more stock arrives.
Monday October 14 2019 Final results have been sent to all schools.
Wednesday September 4 2019 The Top 30 results for Years 9 and 10 are now available on the Results page.
Monday September 2 2019 The Top 30 results for Year 11 have been released - please visit the Results page. We hope to release the Year 9 and Year 10 Top 30 results in the coming days, and the full list of results should go out to schools by Sunday evening. At this stage we plan to send out the certificates to schools at the start of Term 4.
Friday March 29 2019: New entries for the 2019 competition have now closed. Schools which have already entered may still change the number of digital entries by emailing the manager at jmc@maths.otago.ac.nz.
Monday March 25 2019: If a teacher now logs in they should be able to download useful items. These include the Instructions for sitting, a photocopiable copy of the Answer Booklet or, if preferred, a sheet with headers which can be attached to any student's answers if they are going to answer on pad paper.
Thursday March 21 2019: The PPTA have postponed their Day of Action. Please see the notice at the top of the page.
Monday March 11 2019: Printed entries have closed. If your school still wants to enter students then digital entries are still available.
Thursday February 28 2019: During the upcoming weekend we will be sending a reminder message about the competition to all schools which have entered at any point since 2014. If for some reason you do not receive the reminder but still wish to enter you may still do so. Contact us if you have difficuties. You may download your customised invitation letter if you log into the website. The results for 2018 are also on the website. (Each school can only download their own results.)
Thursday February 7 2019: Schools may now login on the website if they have a record of their user name and password from 2018. The Initial Invitation for 2019 (which contains a school's login details anyway) will be sent to all New Zealand schools shortly.
Sunday August 5 2018: The Top 30 results for Year 9 have been put on the results page. We hope to release the Top 30 results for the other two year levels next weekend, at which point preliminary results will be sent to schools to allow checking of names for certificates.
Monday April 9, 2018: We have now sold out our stock of the "Ten of the Best" book. Since we are planning a new book that will release in the second half of this year, there will be no further reprints.
Monday March 26, 2018: We believe that we have sent competition material to all schools which entered this year's competition up to and including this date. All school mathematical contacts who believe their school has not received the materials should contact the organisers urgently.
Tuesday March 6, 2018: Due to a bug in our code, attempts to upload names via our website from before this morning may not have worked. If you attempted to upload names before now, please try again. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
Monday March 5, 2018: Everyone can now upload their names via our website after logging in. This is not mandatory but it is recommended that you try and supply names in this way.
Friday March 2, 2018: The University's Credit Card gateway will be down for maintenance on Sunday the 4rd of March between 9am and 11am. We recommend that you should not place entries in the competition nor order books via our website during this time. For further information please visit this page.
Monday February 26, 2018: We're nearly ready for schools to upload names via our website. If you'd like to try it out before we make it widely available, please contact us.
Tuesday September 26, 2017: Due to a bug while testing our email system, a few schools were accidentally emailed with another invitation to enter this year's competition (which, of course, has already been and gone). Our apologies for those affected; the email can be safely ignored.
Thursday September 4, 2017: We have now sent final results via email to all schools. Printed certificates and prizes (where relevant) should be couriered out by next week at the latest.
The 2017 questions and model solutions are now available on the Previous Questions page, while the 2017 report is available on the Results page.
Thursday July 6, 2017: Principal marking has been completed, and a second round of marking checking the top 15 to 20 percent of papers is under way. Note that this year’s competition was easy compared to previous years, so it may take a little longer to sort out the top papers than usual. We still hope to result preliminary results in August.
Monday May 8, 2017: Marking continues. The general feeling is the competition is quite easy this year. While you wait for results (a wee way off yet), feel free to read about the organisers here.
Monday January 30, 2017:An electronic calendar (in iCal format) containing key dates for this year’s competition is now available here.
Wednesday August 17, 2016:The solutions for this year’s competition are now available. This year’s report is also available.
Monday July 25, 2016:Principal marking has now been completed. Check marking continues; we hope to have the Top 30 results for Year 9 ready this coming weekend!
Monday June 13, 2016:We’ve added an interactive map to the website, detailing the schools that entered this year, and in previous years (the earliest currently available is 2010). Visit our map page and start exploring!
Monday May 30, 2016:This year’s questions are now available here. We hope to put the answers up soon.