Competition Date

The competition day for 2020 is a Wednesday in early May (actual date pending).

If possible, all students at a school should sit the competition concurrently.

Should a school fail to organise the competition until a later day (it happens!) then the students from that school may still be eligible for Merit Certificates (and above), but not for monetary prizes.

Other Important Dates

Information on How to Enter

Information on how to enter will be emailed to every secondary school in the country during late January or early February.

Entry Dead-Line (for 2020)

Digital entries should be in by Thursday April 30. Entries should be submitted on-line as soon as possible.

Late entries are virtually impossible to cater for.

Return of Papers to the Organisers (2020)

Time is of the essence. Grading for the competition begins during the University mid-semester break. We cannot guarantee grading if papers have not arrived by Friday May 29.

Announcement of Results

Results should be available by early August. Unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed as accurate lists of student names are needed from every school before results can be finalised. (It often takes twice as long to obtain correct names from some schools as it does to mark the actual papers. Every year at least one student seems to miss out on a prize because the school did not send in the name and the student didn’t write their name onto the Answer Booklet.)

Prize Winners

Prizes and Prize Certificates will be sent out to schools along with the official results. This should happen some time during Semester Three.