Junior Mathematics

Running the Competition Overseas

As of 2019 the Junior Mathematics Competition is open primarily to residents of New Zealand. We have no immediate plans to run the competition for people outside of New Zealand.

There is nothing stopping other schools from running their own informal competitions with our questions. If you plan to run a formal competition with prizes, we ask you to contact us for permission first, so we know what's going on (the format of the competition, what organisations are involved, and the prizes to be given). In such a case please make it clear to all concerned this competition is not an official part of our competition.

If our policy regarding overseas entries changes, we will notify people on our front web page and also on our Twitter account.

Buying the Competition Books

If you are not in New Zealand and wish to buy our books, please contact us in the usual way, and we will try to sort something out for you. Note that when we do ship overseas, we will charge you NZ$30 per book, plus postage. (In New Zealand the postage is included in the cost.)