Ion-selective electrode calibration

Our laboratory uses non-linear Bayesian calibration to improve the accuracy and precision of our ion-selective electrode measurements. Calibrations are done using freely-available software (OpenBUGS and R), and an R package (ISEtools) is now available here.

Version 3.1.1 (current release):

The latest version of ISEtools.

Once the required software is installed, open a script file in R or RStudio and run the following commands prior to the comment (#) symbols:

Now, work through some of the examples in the tutorial to get started!

Version 2.2 (older release):

An older (Windows-only) version of ISEtools is here. Simpler implementation than previous versions. The user will interact with three functions (loadISEdata, describeISE, and analyseISE) along with corresponding print, plot, and summary commands. Many variations that previously required specifying (e.g. standard addition data) are now handled automatically.

Directions: Download, extract, and place in the folder with your R libraries. More documentation to come soon, but here is a quick demo. To load your own data, you need to create calibration and (if relevant) experimental data files (formatting details in the Version 1.0 tutorial; all of the example data files in Version 1.0 or 2.1 are in the correct format). A new function, loadISEdata, does automatic checking of the data files to determine whether there is more than one ISE, if an experimental file exists, and if standard addition was used.

Archived material:

Version 2.1 (allows negative valences; added new function characterise.ise):

Version 2.1 provides support for negative valences and a new function (characterise.ise) to use when there is only calibration data (e.g. no experimental data). The tutorial from Version 1.0 is still relevant, but also refer to ISE tutorial v21.R for additional examples.

Version 1.0 (only positive valences supported):

The tutorial provides software installation instructions (under Windows 7) and shows how to run the calibration software. Calibration software is available for single and multiple ISEs, with or without standard addition.