The Group (and alumni)




Current Graduate and Honours Students

Marnus Stoltz, Ph.D. Student
Zanglong Cao, Ph. D. Student
  Lydia Turley, Honours Student


Jessica Leigh

Postdoctoral fellow

Monika Balvocite Monika Balvočitė. Ph.D. Student
Gordon Hiscott Gordon Hiscott. Ph.D.Student. Now in Vancouver, Canada.
Steffen Klaere. Postdoctoral Fellow (now Lecturer in Statistics at the University of Auckland)

Alethea Rea.

Ph.D. Student, now a senior consultant at Analytics Australia

Joseph Heled

Ph.D. student, co-supervised by Alexei Drummond.

Peter Tsai

Masters Student. Currently working as a bioinformatician at the University of Auckland

Rachel Bevan

Ph.D. student (jointly supervised with Franz Lang). Graduated February, 2007 and went on to a postdoc with Ted Hughes.

Trevor Bruen

Ph.D. student. Graduated February, 2007 and went on to a postdoc at Berkeley.

Thomas Lepage

Ph.D. student (jointly supervised with Paul Tupper). Now making heaps of money in the financial sector.

Miguel Jette

Masters student. Graduated 2006 and is now working for the speech recognition company Nuance.

Ahmed Abu-Safia

Masters Student. Graduated 2006. Now working at the Higher College of Technology in Dubai.

Ying Han

Masters student (jointly supervised with Nilima Nigam). Graduated 2004.