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Resources for Math140

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2022 S2 Algebra Assignments

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Assignment 1247 K  

2022 S2 Algebra Lecture Notes

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Chapter 1: Introduction257 K  
Chapter 2: Truth and Falsehood (complete)300 K  
Chapter 3: Complex Numbers (complete)271 K  
Chapter 4: Vectors (complete)289 K  
Chapter 5: Matrices (complete)321 K  
Chapter 6: Linear Transformations and Eigenvectors (complete)225 K  

2022 S2 Algebra Lectures

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Lecture 1 completed notes652 K  
Lecture 1: Introduction (notation and sets)228203 K  
Lecture 2 completed notes866 K  
Lecture 2: Sets and Functions (complement of a set, recap of functions)195034 K  
Lecture 3 completed notes832 K  
Lecture 3: Propositional Logic (compound statements, truth tables, negating compound statements)182512 K  
Lecture 4 completed notes1171 K  
Lecture 4: Quantifiers (negating the implication, the universal and existential quantifiers, negating the universal quantifier)192639 K  
Lecture 5 completed notes498 K  
Lecture 6 completed notes1210 K  
Lecture 6: Introduction to Proof (why do we need proof, common errors, basic proof strategies)143511 K  
Lecture 7 completed notes1468 K  
Lecture 7: Proof II (case by case proof, examples of proofs, prime numbers)148034 K  
Lecture 8 completed notes1489 K  
Lecture 8: Mathematical Induction (proof by induction, examples, general PMI)128624 K  
Lecture 9 completed notes1253 K  
Lecture 9: Complex Numbers (completed buses induction example, introduction to complex numbers, conjugate, modulus, division)142511 K  
Lecture 10 completed notes1187 K  
Lecture 10: Complex Numbers II (the complex plane, polar coordinates, Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, Euler's Identity)121715 K  
Lecture 11 completed notes965 K  
Lecture 11: Vector Revision (application of Euler's identity, vectors, adding/subtracting, dot product)137346 K  
Lecture 12 completed notes869 K  
Lecture 12: Vectors II (orthogonal vectors, properties of dot product, the cross product)172758 K  
Lecture 13 completed notes1069 K  
Lecture 13: Vectors II (properties of cross product, examples, length and angle, vectors with n components)159302 K  
Lecture 14 completed notes1212 K  
Lecture 14: Subspaces (definition and examples of subspaces, introduction to matrices)162595 K  
Lecture 15 completed notes742 K  
Lecture 15: Matrix Algebra Review (scalar multiples, matrix products, linear systems)189651 K  
Lecture 16 completed notes1062 K  
Lecture 16: Review of Gaussian Elimination134741 K  
Lecture 17 completed notes1276 K  
Lecture 17: The Matrix Inverse (Identity matrix, inverse, solving systems via inverse, matrix powers)175070 K  
Lecture 18 completed notes1696 K  
Lecture 18: Elementary Matrices (properties of inverse, elementary matrices and row operations)184765 K  
Lecture 19 completed notes1514 K  
Lecture 19: The Determinant (elementary matrices and the inverse, 2x2 determinant, basic properties)184396 K  
Lecture 20 completed notes1472 K  
Lecture 20: The Determinant II (3x3 and nxn determinants, computing determinants via row operations)198864 K  
Lecture 21 completed notes1044 K  
Lecture 21: Linear Transforms173588 K  
Lecture 22 completed notes1138 K  
Lecture 22: Eigenvectors (area and linear transforms, eigenvalues and eigenvectors)180954 K  
Lecture 23 completed notes2138 K  
Lecture 23: Finding Eigenvectors (Finding eigenvalues via characteristic equation, finding eigenvectors, matrix powers and eigenvectors)151600 K  

2022 S2 Algebra Practice Test Questions

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Practice Test Solutions30667 K  
Test Study Guide192 K  

2022 S2 Algebra Revision

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Review of Algebra949 K  
Review of Trigonometry113 K  

2022 S2 Algebra Tutorial Exercises

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Tutorial 192 K  
Tutorial 1: Solutions105 K  
Tutorial 2123 K  
Tutorial 2: Solutions148 K  
Tutorial 3101 K  
Tutorial 3: Solutions161 K  

2022 S2 Course Information

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Algebra Internal Assessment Schedule76 K  
Algebra Lectures Zoom Details71 K  
MATH140Info 2022248 K  

Private Tutoring for 2022

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Download the list of private tutors

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