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Support for Public Funding of the Otago Stadium

John Williams

This survey assesses support or lack of support in a community to an expensive project using public funds. The survey questionnaire was distributed to 5000 residents. Responses were received from 2248 residents. The method of selecting the sample and constructing the questions is described in the video. A number of demographic variables were recorded for each respondent to allow post stratification, a feature often not reported in social surveys.

Threats to validity of the results are discussed in the second half of the video along with a discussion of the method of post stratification.


This video requires a web browser capable of HTML5 video.


The full data set contained information for 2248 respondents. The results presented in the video are based on this full data set.

For the tasks which follow a simplified data file stadiumreduced.xls with 1950 respondents can be used. The full data set was cleaned up by removing a number of variables used in the data entry, removing cases where there were missing values and removing the five cases under 20. Consequently the results from the following tasks may differ slightly from those in the video.

If you have access to GenStat, you can go through the lesson Stadium-GenStat.pdf.

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