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Resources for Math160

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2021 Calculus Lecture Notes without worked examples

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Lec1 S2 2021708 K  
Lec3 S2 2021738 K  
Lec4 S2-2021115 K  
Lec5 S2-2021247 K  
Lec6 S2-2021187 K  
Lec7 S2-2021165 K  
Lec8-S2-202197 K  
Lec9 S2 2021785 K  
Lec10 S2-2021117 K  
Lec11 S2-2021269 K  
Lec12 S2-2021155 K  
Lec13 S2-2021134 K  
Lec14_S2-2021184 K  
Lec15_S2-2021268 K  
Lec16_S2-20212161 K  
Lec17_S2-2021119 K  
Lec18 S2-202187 K  
Lec19 S2-202165 K  
Lec20 S2-2021134 K  
Lec21 S2-2021208 K  
Lec22 S2-2021224 K  
Lec23 S2-2021155 K  
Lec24 S2-2021125 K  
Lec25 S2-20212025 K  
Week revision2139 K  

2021 S2 Algebra Lecture Notes

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Algebra Lecture 01 (12 July)148 K  
Algebra Lecture 02 (13 July)223 K  
Algebra Lecture 03 (14 July)178 K  
Algebra Lecture 04 (15 July)198 K  
Algebra Lecture 05 (16 July)174 K  
Algebra Lecture 06 (19 July)219 K  
Algebra Lecture 07 (20 July)231 K  
Algebra Lecture 08 (21 July)221 K  
Algebra Lecture 09 (22 July)196 K  
Algebra Lecture 10 (26 July)209 K  
Algebra Lecture 11 (27 July)258 K  
Algebra Lecture 12 (28 July)249 K  
Algebra Lecture 13 (29 July)216 K  
Algebra Lecture 14 (30 July)186 K  
Algebra Lecture 15 (02 August)181 K  
Algebra Lecture 16 (03 August)278 K  
Algebra Lecture 17 (04 August)203 K  
Algebra Lecture 18 (05 August)182 K  
Algebra Lecture 19 (09 August)188 K  
Algebra Lecture 20 (10 August)195 K  
Algebra Lecture 21 (11 August)173 K  
Algebra Lecture 22 (12 August)222 K  
Algebra Lecture 23 (13 August)245 K  
Algebra Lecture 24 (16 August)159 K  
Algebra Lecture 25 (17 August)180 K  
Algebra Lecture 26 slides (19 August)114 K  
Algebra Lecture 27 slides (23 August)119 K  
Exam Problems Algebra 1156 K  
Exam Problems Algebra 2127 K  
MATH160 Algebra Outline Notes1022 K  

2021 S2 Assignment Long-Answer Solutions

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Assignment-3-solutions109 K  
Assignment 1 solutions64 K  
Assignment 2 solutions86 K  

2021 S2 Calculus Lecture Notes

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Lec1_1 Calculus introduction341 K  
Lec1_2 Functions189 K  
Lec1_3 Intervals187 K  
Lec1_4 Domain Range235 K  
Lec2_1 symmetry174 K  
Lec2_2 translation scaling1009 K  
Lec3_1 polynomials 1125 K  
Lec3_2 polynomials 2666 K  
Lec3_3 polynomials 3144 K  
Lec4_1 rational functions 185 K  
Lec4_2 rational functions 2121 K  
Lec4_3 rational functions 32300 K  
Lec5_1 Limits_1228 K  
Lec5_2 Limits_2213 K  
Lec6_1 One sided limits269 K  
Lec6_2_Continuity216 K  
Lec7_1_IVT148 K  
Lec7_2_Inverse_functions545 K  
Lec8_1_composition307 K  
Lec8_2_absolute_value244 K  
Lec9 1 power functions770 K  
Lec9_2_trig_exp_log_functions380 K  
Lec10 _ Rates of change287 K  
Lec10_2 derivative186 K  
Lec11-1 Geometric interpretation338 K  
Lec11_2 Derivative function204 K  
Lec12_1 Derivative rules 1242 K  
Lec12_2 Derivative rules 2317 K  
Lec13_1 Derivative rules 3324 K  
Lec13_2 Derivative rules examples269 K  
Lec14_1 Derivative application410 K  
Lec14_2 Higher order derivatives241 K  
Lec15_1 Application 1440 K  
Lec15_2 Application 2350 K  
Lec15_3 Application 3255 K  
Lec16_1 Application 42098 K  
Lec16_2 MVT176 K  
Lec16_3 critical points318 K  
Lec17_1 Minima_maxima142 K  
Lec17_2 Local extrema193 K  
Lec18_1 Exam Info131 K  
Lec18_2 Absolute extrema412 K  
Lec19_1 Application optimisation206 K  
Lec19_2 Application linear regression407 K  
Lec20_1 Concavity309 K  
Lec20_2 Second derivative test400 K  
Lec21_1 Integration distance problem1098 K  
Lec21_2 Examples Tutorial 9253 K  
Lec22_1 Riemann Sums236 K  
Lec22_2 Special Riemann Sums266 K  
Lec22_3 Definite Integral473 K  
Lec23_1 Key Properties Definite Integrals464 K  
Lec23_2 FTC1166 K  
Lec23_3 Antiderivatives248 K  
Lec24_1 FTC2269 K  
Lec24_2 Integration formulas143 K  
Lec24_3 Motion of a particle 1146 K  
Lec25_1 Integration by substitution18336 K  
Lec25_2 Accumulation153 K  
Lec25_3 Motion of a particle 2236 K  
Lecture 26 examples775 K  
Math160---Calculus-Notes---2021S22858 K  
Revision Session 12307 K  
Revision Session 22467 K  

2021 S2 Exam

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Exam Info S2 202173 K  
Exam Math160 2012 S2601 K  
Exam Math160 2013 S1590 K  
Exam Math160 2013 S2637 K  
Exam Math160 2014 S1898 K  
Math160 2012-2014 Answers141 K  
MATH160 Exam - Front Page plus integrity and IT617 K  

2021 S2 Notices

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Class Representatives31 K  
Lecture recordings120 K  
MATH160 - Course Outline 2021 S2768 K  
MATH160 PASS slides736 K  
Mathercize practice problems304 K  
Timetable MATH160, 2021 S249 K  

2021 S2 Tutorials with solutions

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Tutorial01123 K  
Tutorial02108 K  
Tutorial03113 K  
Tutorial04116 K  
Tutorial05 - problems129 K  
Tutorial05 - with solutions127 K  
Tutorial 06 - problems127 K  
Tutorial 06 with solutions131 K  
Tutorial 07 2020 no solution126 K  
Tutorial 07 with solutions129 K  
Tutorial 08 2021 no solutions119 K  
Tutorial 08 with solutions105 K  
Tutorial 09 2020 no solutions84 K  
Tutorial 09 2021 with solutions164 K  
Tutorial 10 2021117 K  
Tutorial 10 2021 no solutions108 K  

Private Tutoring for 2021

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