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Resources for Math160

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2020 S1 Algebra Challenges

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Challenge1Soln66 K  
Challenge2Soln78 K  
Challenge3Soln112 K  

2020 S1 Algebra Slides and Scans

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1.1 Intro359 K  
1.1a_VectorIntro1454 K  
1.2 AddingVectors scans79 K  
1.2 AddingVectors693 K  
1.2 PASS information3975 K  
1.3 VectorProperties scans151 K  
1.3 VectorProperties576 K  
1.4 DotsLines scans109 K  
1.4 DotsLines283 K  
1.5 LinesPlanes scans1016 K  
1.5 LinesPlanes124 K  
1.6 ImplicitLinesPlanes scans527 K  
1.6 ImplicitLinesPlanes204 K  
1.7 PlanesHyperplanes324 K  
1.7 PlanesHyperplanes715 K  
2.1 Intersections scans472 K  
2.1 Intersections428 K  
2.2 Projection scans351 K  
2.2 Projection222 K  
2.3 Subspaces (no scans)93 K  
3.1 LinearSystems scans163 K  
3.1 LinearSystems105 K  
3.2 TriangularForm scans183 K  
3.2 TriangularForm62 K  
3.3 EchelonForm scans701 K  
3.3 EchelonForm152 K  
3.4 GaussElimination scans88 K  
3.4 GaussElimination104 K  
3.5 ComputerGauss scans250 K  
3.5 ComputerGauss1834 K  
3.6 Reduced Echelon From scans464 K  
3.6 Reduced Echelon From1804 K  
4.1 MatrixTimesVector scans252 K  
4.1 MatrixTimesVector115 K  
4.2 MatrixMaths scans951 K  
4.2 MatrixMaths129 K  
4.3 MatrixMultiplication scans471 K  
4.3 MatrixMultiplication118 K  
4.4 MatrixInverses scans3919 K  
4.4 MatrixInverses171 K  
4.5 Linear Functions scans3413 K  
4.5 Linear Functions412 K  
4.6 Matrix Geometry scans717 K  
4.6 Matrix Geometry99 K  
5.1 ComplexFundamentals1183 K  
5.1 ComplexFundamentals1 scans6184 K  
5.2 ComplexFundamentals2329 K  
5.2 ComplexFundamentals2 scans1748 K  
5.3 Complex Polynomials scans4234 K  
5.3 Complex Polynomials389 K  

2020 S1 Calculus Slides and Scans

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Week1 Introduction230 K  
Week1 lecture 2 - functions185 K  
Week1 lecture 3 - function properties99 K  

2020 S1 Resources

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Algebra Outline Notes 11Mar3423 K  
Calculus Outline Notes2925 K  
CourseOutline93 K  

2020 S1 Tutorials

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Tutorial1 2020758 K  
Tutorial2 202094 K  
Tutorial 3 20201081 K  
Tutorial 5 Online127 K  

Private Tutoring for 2020

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