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Salvatore Vultaggio

Studying for Doctor of Philosophy

Area of study:
Isolated Systems and Asymptotically Flat Solutions of Einstein Equations

Supervisor: Jörg Frauendiener



Title: Isolated Systems and Asymptotically Flat Solutions of Einstein Equations

Supervisor: Joerg Frauendiener

Previous Degrees:

• BSc in Physics (University of Trieste)

• MSc in Physics - Theoretical Astrophysics(University of Tübingen)

• MSc in Theoretical Physics - Fundamental Physics (University of Trento)

Being an incomplete system of ten non-linear differential equations in four independent variables, the EEs have no general solution: to solve them, extra conditions must be assumed, and physically relevant results still arise rarely. One of the most widely imposed conditions on the studied systems – both for simplicity and overall relevance – is for them to be isolated. An isolated system does not interact with its environment, but the road to consistency, in the mathematical expression of this apparently simple property, has been far from straightforward. For isolated systems, the problem has been further formalized and reduced to study the property of the considered fields at space-like and null infinity, singular points in the NP conformal formulation. Since then, an outstanding amount of work has been done, both numerically and analytically, consolidating the conformal picture of General Relativity as one of the most promising perspectives in investigating the fundamental properties of space-times and the objects within. The main objective of my research would be expanding exactly on these areas, with a particular focus on developing new (analytical and computational) tools that would help in the process of better investigating the notion of energy in GR.