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Emeritus Professor Robert Aldred


** Robert retired from the Department in April 2021 **

Research Interests

Prof Aldred's current research interests involve paths, cycles, matchings and colourings in graphs. Recently he has worked on bounding the number of cycles in a 3-connected cubic graph, determining the smallest 3-connected cubic planar non-Hamiltonian graphs of cyclic connectivity 4 and 5, factoring (colouring) regular graphs into linear forests of minimum length and classes of graphs which admit 1-factors with prescribed and proscribed edges.

Project/Thesis Possibilities

Prof Aldred is happy to supervise candidates in fourth year honours, M.A., M.Sc. and Ph.D research in Graph Theory, and would welcome enquiries from students wishing to consider problems in the areas mentioned above, and related areas, for possible research topics. He is also willing to act as a co-supervisor to any students whose main area of research may benefit from treatments involving combinatorial techniques. Such areas may, of course, arise from studying problems in disciplines outside of mathematics.

Some recent papers