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Dr Melissa Tacy


** Melissa left the Department in 2020 **

Research Interests

My research lies within the intersection of microlocal analysis, semiclassical analysis and harmonic analysis. I am particularly interested in problems relating to the area of quantum chaos. The driving question of quantum chaos asks what echoes of classical dynamics (particularly chaotic dynamics) are apparent in high energy quantum systems. A major focus of this field is the study of high energy eigenfunctions, or quasimodes (approximate eigenfunctions), of operators such as the Laplace-Beltrami operator. Such functions arise as stationary states of the Schrodinger equation where their eigenvalue is interpreted as the energy of that state.

Here are links to some of my most recent talks

Eigenfunction concentration and its connection to geometry, Banff workshop, Probing the Earth and the Universe with Microlocal Analysis, April 2019.

Does it matter what we randomise?, Banff workshop, Around Quantum Chaos, July 2018.

Equidistribution of random waves on shrinking balls IAS emerging topics workshop, Nodal sets of Eigenfunctions, February 2017.