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Department of Mathematics & Statistics
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Dr Fabien Montiel

Office: Science III, room 514
Phone: 479-7760

My research in 2 minutes (Science Media SAVVY)

New publications:

  • Mosig, J.E.M, Montiel, F. and Squire, V.A. (2019). A transport equation for flexural-gravity wave propagation under a sea ice cover of variable thickness. Wave Motion, 88, 153–166, DOI:10.1016/j.wavemoti.2019.03.010.

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Multiple scattering theory

  • Analytical and numerical methods in multiple scattering theory (slab-clustering method, multipole technique, order-of-scattering, Foldy's approximation).
  • Scattering by random arrays of cylindrical obstructions, directional spectrum of scattered wave fields, plane wave representation of cylindrical harmonics (integral representations of Bessel functions).
  • Development of efficient methods for the scattering of water waves by a rigid or elastic structure (eigenfunction matching, integral equations).

Polar marine modelling

  • Application of multiple scattering theory to ocean wave scattering by large fields of ice floes.
  • Attenuation of ocean wave propagation through the marginal ice zone and evolution of the directional spectrum.
  • Rheological models for wave attenuation in ice-covered seas.


  • Spectral methods for efficiently testing the performances of locally resonant structures
  • Application to design of sonic crystal barriers

Marine renewable energy

  • Performance of large arrays of wave energy converters and their effect on wave climate near shore

Research projects

PhD students

thesis: Quantifying uncertainties of ocean wave attenuation in ice-covered seas.


Journal articles

Conference proceedings (refereed)

Recent talks and posters

PhD Thesis

Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Water Wave Scattering by Floating Elastic Plates (awarded in 2012 by the University of Otago).