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Professor Boris Baeumer

Office: 232A
Phone: 479-7763

** Head of Mathematics, Director of Studies (Graduate) **

Curriculum Vitae

Professor BORIS BAEUMER has been with the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Otago since 2001. His expertise is in applied mathematics focusing on movement of particles or organisms in nature that do not adhere to classical theories.

He obtained his Ph.D. in pure mathematics from Louisiana State University, USA in 1997, moved in to applied mathematics during a postdoctoral fellowship in hydrology at the University of Nevada, Reno in 2000. His research on Evolution Equations with Memory and Random Fluctuations is supported by the highly competitive Marsden Fund administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand.

He was awarded the Early Career Award for Distinction in Research by the University of Otago in 2005 and his research on Transport in Fractal Media was supported by the Royal Society of New Zealand through their Marsden Faststart funding scheme during 2004-2005. He has given invited addresses at international conferences and published over 45 scientific articles not just in mathematical journals but also in physics, geophysics, hydrology and computer science.

He served as Chair of the New Zealand Branch of ANZIAM from 2013-2016 and served on the MIS panel of the Marsden Fund 2015-2017.

Research Interests

Boris Baeumer's current research interest is in modelling fractal flow and anomalous dispersion; in particular as it pertains to solute transport of (potentially toxic) particles in groundwater flow as well as dispersal of organisms such as viruses or invading species. He is using a new approach that incorporates heavy tailing and fractal pathways. Heavy tailing occurs whenever there is a power-law probability of catastrophic events, and therefore the approach has promising applications in hydrology, ecology (invasion of species), epidemiology, chemical engineering (for example, build-up on electrodes), physics (for example, rays going through the atmosphere), economics (stock-market), meteorology (rainfall patterns, flood events), etc.

Editorial Boards

Boris Baeumer is member of the editorial boards of Fractional Calculus & Applied Analysis, ANZIAM Journal, and Fractional Differential Calculus.


Most of Profesor Baeumer's publications are in A* (GRL, JDE, JGR, JHYDROL, SYSBIO, TRAN, WRR) or A (Bull.Math.Biol., CAMWA, DCDSB, JCAM, J.Appl.Prob., J.Evol.Eq., PAMS, Physica A, Phys. Rev E ) ranked journals according to the ARC Journal Rankings.

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