International Symposium on Fractional Calculus

January 9-13, University of Otago, New Zealand









J. Klafter

From Diffusion to Anomalous Diffusion: A Century after Einstein’s Brownian Motion

R. Gorenflo

Power Laws in Continuous Time Random Walks and the Distinguished Role of the Mittag-Leffler Waiting Time Density

C. Tadjeran

A Survey of Finite Difference Methods for Fractional Diffusion Equations

S. Wheatcraft

From Fractals to Fractional Vector Calculus: Measurement in the Correct Metric


S.-O. Londen

Quasilinear Fractional Evolution Equations and Continuous Interpolation Spaces


H.-P. Scheffler

On Generalized Coupled Continuous Time Random Walks


F. Mainardi

Diffusion Regimes in Brownian Motion Induced by the Basset History Force

S. Larsson

A Finite Element Method for a Fractional Diffusion Equation

F. Molz

The Mathematical Statistics of a second Order Stationary Process, with Potential Applications to Permeability of Heterogeneous Sediments and Velocity in Turbulent Flow


W. Woyczynski

Some Problems Concerning Asymptotic Properties and Selfsimilar Solutions for Nonlinear Evolution Equations Driven by Infinitesimal Generators of Levy Processes








B. Baeumer

Continuous Time Random Walk Limits with Finite Mean Waiting Times

D. Dreisigmeyer

Fractional Mechanics

B. McLean

Numerical Methods for Fractional Order PDE’s

J. Cushman

Generalized Hydrodynamics, Renormalization, Fractional Equations and the CTRW


M. Kovacs

A Fractional Diffusion Model for Dispersal of Airborne Seeds and Operator Splitting









R. Metzler

Burning Questions on Levy Flights

Hike to top of Mt Cargill

T. Langlands

Solution of a Fractional Reaction-Diffusion Equation with Linear Reaction Kinetics

Excursion to Peninsula 

K. Lindenberg

Trapping Reactions: Consequences of Subdiffusion


A. Chechkin

Fractional Kinetic Equations for “Tame” Levy Flights

B. Henry

Fractional Reaction-Diffusion Equations and Pattern Formation

S. Umarov

Fractional differential equations and their applications to cell biology






R. Schilling

Stochastic Processes of Variable Fractional Order: Dirichlet Forms and Feller Processes


M. Meerschaert

Fractional Calculus Models in Finance



Dinner at Speights Alehouse 7 pm