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Impact of group rejections on physical self-esteem

Motohide Miyahara

This video looks at the impact of group rejections from a physical activity on physical self-esteem among university students.


This video requires a web browser capable of HTML5 or Flash video.
If the video does not play, you can download it here (right-click and choose Save Link As), then open it with a video player such as VLC.


The file SelfEsteemData.xls has the data associated with this video. The file SelfEsteemVariables.xls describes the variables used.

There are ten tasks associated with this video:

If you have access to GenStat, you can go through the lesson SelfEsteem-GenStat.pdf.
The data file SelfEsteem-GenStatData.xls and variable descriptions SelfEsteem-GenStatVariables.xls are to be used with the GenStat lesson.

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