History of Mathematics

The history of mathematics figures in one way or another in many university mathematics departments. Sometimes traditional maths and stats courses incorporate historical material or adopt a development that reflects the historical evolution of the subject.

There are several excellent websites for the history of mathematics.

The British Society for the History of Mathematics
This site gives an annotated list of selected sites, among which are the following:

St Andrews MacTutor History of Mathematics
This includes a Biographies Index with pictures if you are interested in a particular person, a History Topics Index if you are looking into the mathematics of a culture or period, a Famous Curves Index, which is what it says, Mathematicians of the Day, and a search engine for the entire archive.

David Joyce's History of Mathematics Home Page
This contains sections on Regional Mathematics (Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, India, China, the Arab sphere, Japan, Europe), subject histories (numerals and counting, algebra, geometry, arithmetic and number theory, mathematical analysis, probability and statistics), a list of books, journals catalogues and other resources relevant to the history of mathematics, and a list of mathematicians arranged chronologically.

Biographies of Women Mathematicians
This contains biographies of women mathematicians listed alphabetically and chronologically, a list of the first PhDs in mathematics by women before 1930, and a list of prizes, awards and honours for women mathematicians.

Resources on Women Mathematicians
This lists resources (other than its own, the previous website) that are available on the web and elsewhere on women mathematicians.

For more information and a list of other sites, refer to the British Society for the History of Mathematics web page above.
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