New Zealand
Sea Ice Symposium

18 – 19 February 2010
Held at Abbey College, University of Otago, Dunedin
18 – 19 February 2010
Held at Abbey College, University of Otago, Dunedin

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The purpose of this symposium is to bring together the community of sea ice researchers in New Zealand to share their recent work and discuss future projects.

Time will be dedicated to the discussion of both theoretical work and field work.

Talks will be given by internationally recognised leaders in the field and also by emerging researchers and postgraduate students.

The symposium will follow on directly from the Snow & Ice Research Group workshop in Queenstown.


Thanks to all those who have submiteed a title. Please prepare a 15 minute talk. An extra 5 minutes has been accommodated for questions.

Please let us know if your have require any special equipment for your talk (other than a laptop & projector or an OHP).

Key-note Speakers

We are very pleased to announce that extended talks will be given by two internationally renowned researchers:


Thursday 18th February

9:30 Coffee
10:00 Welcome
Chair: Luke Bennetts
10:10 Vernon Squire Contemporary perspectives on ocean wave / sea ice interaction
11:10 Coffee
Chair: Alison Kohout
11:40 Gareth Vaughan Waves in the Arctic Ocean
12:00 Fabien Montiel Transient motion of an elastic plate in a two-dimensional wavetank
12:20 Michael Smith Modelling of sea ice as a floating elastic plate
12:40 Lunch
Chair: Mike Williams
13:40 Sam Dean The Ross Sea winter polynya in a high resolution global climate model, present and future
14:00 James Renwick Atmospheric forcing of Antarctic sea ice on daily to weekly time scales
14:20 Wendy Clavano Snow thickness variations over first- and multi-year sea ice using ground penetrating radar
14:40 Wolfgang Rack Ice thickness measurements in the McMurdo Sound area using the helicopter EM bird
15:00 Inga Smith Sea ice thickness history from oxygen isotope analysis
15:20 Coffee
Chair: Sam Dean
15:50 Gareth Hegarty Large amplitude wave-ice interaction
16:10 Luke Bennetts A three-dimensional model of wave attenuation in the marginal ice zone
16:30 Alison Kohout Consideration of an additional physical process in wave-ice interaction
16:50 Mike Meylan Comparison of models for wave scattering by floating ice
19:00 Dinner: The Staff Club

Friday 19th February

Chair: Pat Langhorne
9:30 Miles McPhee Ice-ocean interaction at truly opposite poles
10:30 Coffee
Chair: Inga Smith
11:00 Natalie Robinson East vs west in McMurdo Sound, and a new signature of ice shelf water
11:20 Craig Stevens Ocean turbulence next to an ice tongue
11:40 Pat Langhorne Sea ice in supercooled water
12:00 Mike Williams Modelling frazil ice within a supercooled water plume
12:20 Lunch
Chair: Mike Meylan
13:20Robin Dykstra NMR measurements of brine fraction and diffusivity
13:40Phil Weir Applications of an FEM/FEM approach for the analysis of sea ice
14:00Sean Buchanan An impedance analysis of sea ice microstructure
14:20Keleigh Jones Cross borehole electrical resistivity tomography of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice
14:40Malcolm Ingham In-situ measurement of sea ice permitivity
15:00 Close


Abbey College’s central location, between Cumberland and Castle Streets, is just a few minutes’ walk from all university facilities, the Dunedin Botanic Gardens and the central city.

Parking is available at the venue.


A symposium dinner has been organised for 7pm on Thursday at the University Staff Club. The meal will be a set menu so please let me know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Accommodation & Transport

This is a busy time of year in Dunedin with the students returning and it is a good idea to have accommodation and transport booked early.

There are many motels within a short distance of the University, such as:

Aberdeen Motel, 42-46 Bank Street (03 4730133)

Cable Court Motel, 833 Cumberland Street (03 4773525)

Garden Motel, 590 George Street (03 4778251)

Owens Motel, 745 George Street (03 4777156)

On Thursday 18th Feb Air NZ flights arrive at Dunedin from Auckland at 0910
from Christchurch at 0800
and from Wellington at 0850.

The airport is 22Kms from the city and there are two options for transport into town: taxis (roughly $80) or shuttle vans (roughly $25).

Special Thanks

The organisers would like to thank the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research and the Polar Environments Research Theme for their generous contributions to this event.


If you have any enquiries or wish to receive further information, please contact Luke Bennetts (03 479 7773)