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Professor Iain Raeburn


** Iain left the department in June 2017 **


Iain Raeburn was born in Scotland, and did his undergraduate work at the University of Edinburgh. Shortly after being awarded his PhD from the University of Utah (1976), he moved to Australia, where he worked at the University of New South Wales till 1990. From then till 2010 he held chairs at the Universities of Newcastle and Wollongong, where he built up a strong research group. Early in 2010 he moved to the University of Otago.

Research Interests

Iain’s main research interests are in modern analysis, and especially the representation theory and analysis of dynamical systems of various kinds. His main expertise lies in the representation of systems by linear operators on Hilbert space, and in algebraic systems of such operators: the subject is often described as operator algebra. Over the years, he has used a wide variety methods from algebraic topology, Fourier analysis, and algebra to study non-commutative dynamical systems, and in several of his current projects he is applying these methods to irreversible dynamical systems arising in number theory, in combinatorics, and in wavelet analysis. In particular, the graph algebras introduced by Iain and his collaborators are currently attracting a great deal of attention from researchers in several quite different areas of mathematics, and there is an active group at Otago which is studying analogues of these graph algebras which arise in ring theory.


You can view a list of Iain’s publications on MathSciNet (subscription required) and his preprints on the ArXiv.